The Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are known to be the most placid of cats and make brilliant pets.  They adore human company and will follow you round the house much like a dog.  Their gentle and loving nature makes them perfect for children.
They are a semi-longhair cat and relatively non-matting, making grooming easy. Ragdoll cats are noted for beautiful blue eyes.
They mature slowly, born all white, their colour starts to show around 3-4 weeks and continues to deepen until fully mature around 3 to four years.
Due to their trusting nature and also their stunning looks, it is better to keep them as indoor pets with access if possible to outside pens or supervised  play in secure gardens.
They love company and if you go out to work for the better part of the day it is preferable to have another cat for companionship.
For more detailed information regarding Ragdolls please log on to The British Ragdoll Cat Club website.